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Scoring the Interview Portion
Last Post 04 May 2011 06:14 AM by Andy Leonard. 1 Replies.
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Brian KelleyUser is Offline
New Member
New Member

06 Apr 2011 09:07 AM  
We'd like your feedback on how to score the interview. Details between the two methods we've come up with are here:
K. Brian Kelley, ERC member, USA Mid-Atlantic RM, Midlands PASS Chapter President
Andy LeonardUser is Offline
New Member
New Member

04 May 2011 06:14 AM  
Hi Brian,

A thought-provoking post - good job!

I'm for public granular scores. I understand that, going in, interviews are tough and everyone has a bad day. The candidates get that. I understand some candidates have become frazzled enough during the PASS BoD Nomination Committee interview process to question their ability and desire to participate on the PASS Board. That's a clue.
We're not asking these people to make life or death decisions. They will never order soliders into harm's way. PASS leadership, when cornered regarding an obvious mistake, is quick to point out that they're a volunteer organizatino. During the NomCom interview process they're apparently demanding and decisive. I'd like to see the demanding and decisive stuff allocated to things like updating the SQL Saturday website, and the volunteer mindset applied to the interview process.

This isn't hard. If being allowed to appear on the slate presented for election is all about who plays nice with PASS, ditch the machinations, email the people whom the PASS Board approves, and ask them if they'd like to run for the Board. If PASS can't raise enough candidates using this method, then open a process to select more for the slate.

The disengenuous part of the election process is the attempt to make it appear fair when it's not. People understand that PASS wants who PASS wants and not that many are concerned (as evidenced by all the posts here). I believe people are even ok with PASS choosing who they want to lead - I know I am. I'm not ok (and I believe others agree) with PASS presenting a process and then circumventing it. Or standing behind process one day and then waffling on process a few weeks later. If the end result is going to always be "We decide who you can vote for, not you" then just be honest about that and move on (and fix the SQL Saturday site!).

PASS has a right to govern itself as it sees fit. This includes the right to exclude popular and capable leaders from consideration for election to the PASS Board for petty and arbitrary reasons. We get that. Next?

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